Friday, 28 August 2009

Ikea handbag

Last week was dedicated to sewing (I really missed it :)
I had planned to sew an handbag , something simple to take to the market with me. So I took a piece of fabric I had bought at Ikea (really cheap by the way) and made the bag.
I think that it is really good for a first try.
The inside is also made of another Ikea fabric (I have to admit I am a fan!) and it closes with a magnetic snap.

And I still managed to get time to sew another cushion cover for my living room...


  1. hello, ı sew two bags with the same ikea fabric for my mum and sister. ıf you want to look, here:

  2. The handbag looks nice. I love the fabric. Very colorful. Perfect for summer and picnics.